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Finally finished The Hours and realized something I should have figured out ages ago: I'm one of the fastest readers I know, so if I'm having trouble making any headway with a relatively short book, it means that the book and I just aren't going to work it out. The Hours won loads of literary prizes, which might be why I found it really tedious.

It's one of those achingly clever novels where every breath the narrator takes (there are actually three narrators in The Hours, though they all sound exactly alike to me) sends her into some kind of quaint reverie where everything from the curtains to the rug lint is described in excruciating detail and then the love of her life said something desperately poignant ... zzzzzzz ... god.

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rascal and casey square off

Rascal, meet Casey. Casey, meet Rascal. Rascal spent Thanksgiving with us at Bill's parents' house. Casey, who's not terribly fond of me to begin with and who'd never seen another cat in his life, wasn't happy about this latest invasion. I was surprised the poor little fellow even ventured this close. He spent most of Rascal's visit in his basement hideout.

I used to call Rascal "Houdini Kitty" because of his ability to force open doors and barriers and escape (or to get into places where he wasn't supposed to be). He figured out how to knock over that screen in about an hour and a half.

The Murphys were gracious enough to allow us to bring Rascal, and I'm very grateful. We had little hope of finding some kind of veterinary care shelter that wouldn't cost us thousands for a three-day stay, and besides I felt nervous about entrusting him to other people. I think (knock knock knocking on wood) that we've finally got him stabilized, and I'd hate for something to happen to disrupt that. I liked the idea of having him where I could see him to know how he was doing.

I was nervous about how he'd handle the trip to a strange environment, but it couldn't have gone better. It helped that we arrived on Thanksgiving day and the entire house smelled of roasting turkey -- we'd just set Rascal down in our room when he hustled out into the kitchen and started sniffing the air wildly. By Friday, he strutted around as if he owned the place, gobbling up the affection and the turkey sent his way. I was always the cat here. Right?

I swear that Rascal's actually looked blue and depressed all day today, having to return to a life where he's competing with two other cats for attention and it doesn't smell like turkey.

We had a great time with Bill's parents. On Friday night, we finally saw "Harry Potter." It's strange -- the book is an unbelievably quick read, but the movie, while being fairly faithful to the book, felt slow and draggy in points. But on the whole I enjoyed it. I don't think I've ever seen a book adaptation where I thought the casting was almost uniformly perfect. I thought I detected a couple of "Home Alone"-ish elements thrown into the movie (when things are getting dull, make stuff go "boom" really loud, with the accompanying hair standing on end and soot-smeared face! Ha ha! By God, even after three "Home Alones" that just never stops being funny!). But it could have been far worse.

My biggest disappointment? No Peeves. How in the blue hell can you have a "Harry Potter" movie and not have Peeves in it? I'd read the cast list on the Internet Movie Database several months ago and saw that Rik Mayall was going to be Peeves. I adore Rik Mayall, so I was mystified to find no pictures or mention of Peeves in any of the "Premiere" or "Vanity Fair" articles about the film. Turns out poor Peeves ended up on the cutting-room floor, though Chris Columbus swears that Peeves will be in the next movie once his appearance has been tweaked more to Columbus's liking.

(For some reason, I cannot type the name "Chris" without automatically adding a "t" onto the end of it. And I'm not even religious. Go figure.)

Finally, I want it on record: I, Nicole Willson, the world's laziest procrastinator/slacker/bum actually got a big chunk of Christmas shopping done last Wednesday. That's right -- in November. Before Thanksgiving, even. My boss let us leave at 2:00 on Wednesday. I went to another Borders armed with the same list, and came away with almost everything I wanted to buy.

I rule.

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