Picture of the Day: Another one from the "I took this forever ago and didn't know what the hell to do with it" files: I saw these two dying roses propped up in a doorway in Georgetown in late summer. A couple of months later, I found two more roses propped in a similar manner in another doorway in Georgetown.

They're somebody's tribute to something. Or somebody. They predate 9/11, so it isn't about that.

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Recently Watched: Scott Thompson ("Kids in the Hall") making it all the way to the final round of "The Weakest Link: The Special Comedian Episode" only to be defeated by one U.S. question after another. I'm not criticizing him for this. He surely knows more about the U.S. than I do about Canada. He just got an incredibly shitty break with the question order in the head-to-head round. He'd held his own really well up to that point, so it was a shame.

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Holly Jolly Hostility.

My Christmas shopping season began tonight. Deck the halls with boughs of hostility. Fa-la-la-la-laaa, get out of my way. It was a remarkably unsuccessful shopping trip, too; I came armed with printouts and lists and an actual plan of action in my head and left with very little. Borders went one-for-four with the things I wanted to buy. I could only stomach a few minutes of Best Buy before my temper spiked into the danger zone and I realized that going a round with the miserably lazy, unhelpful staff at this particular Best Buy wouldn't end well for anyone.

I think I was cranky before I even got to the Borders and the Best Buy in the small shopping center that's across the street from the huge and sprawling Pentagon City Mall. Go up the Metro escalator to the sidewalk during rush hour and you run smack into one local legacy left by the 9/11 attacks: the relocated Metrobus lines. The WMATA had to reroute all the lines that used to pass close by to the Pentagon. They've all been moved to the street between the two malls. They're jampacked way too close to each other on the sidewalks and demarcated by inappropriately cheerful white awnings that look more suitable to a garden party than to bus stops that had to be moved thanks to a bunch of murderous fuckers slamming a plane into a local building and killing nearly 200 people.

See? Just thinking about the rerouted buses makes me hostile and I don't even have to take them. The people who do were tangled up in long, long lines that twisted and bumped into each other and didn't say "Excuse me" and took up the sidewalks and didn't especially want to part to let weary shoppers like me pass through. The disgruntlement and hostility radiated from the displaced commuters in big, tangible waves. If the U.S. forces deposited a Taliban member into the middle of that mess, the neighboring Chevy's Mexican restaurant could use what was left in their Shredded Meat Tacos. But only if there were enough of the guy left, and that wouldn't be at all certain.

Elsewhere: I've finally accepted the fact that the Chad Slacker site I wrote will forever be at least as popular as this crappy journal, and far more missed when it isn't updated.

Thanks to a gift of House Party from a very generous person and the fact that I couldn't control myself in Best Buy when confronted with Hot Date this weekend (so what if my birthday and Christmas are right around the corner -- I want it nowwww!), Bill and I posted a good bit of Sim stuff for you to read if you're into that kind of thing.

As I said on my blog, don't expect a lot of Hot Date goodness just yet, though. That's one big sprawling confusing mass that I'm going to need more time to sort out. Hot Date's already off to a shaky start with me because it overwrote the patch I had that eliminated the nudity blur. Considering that nude Sims are about as sexually exciting as nude Barbies and the fucking game's entitled "Hot Date" for god's sake -- the whole point is getting Sims out of their clothes! sheesh! -- that's damn annoying.

You can check out the new Chad Slacker updates here. And because I don't have too many obsessions that don't end up infecting Bill (and vice versa) and because I had to break down and use the PC (eeuuugh) for Hot Date, you can trot over to Overlook and read all about Sam Silent.

I knew I shouldn't have left my poor Sims at Bill's mercy.

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