9/13 -- Not Many Words.

I don't have much else to say about the attacks. I've been reading online discussion forums and newspapers all day long. As the expressions of grief and shock and sympathy are slowly being drowned out by the posturing and the rhetoric, I am getting very weary. It must be nice to be so confident in your worldview that you can tell the rest of us how this should play out, how we should feel, and what the appropriate reaction to these atrocities is, even as the reports in various news sources are so incredibly conflicted that I don't see how anyone could believe they have enough facts to make such declarations. I envy these people their surety.

Me, I've got no fucking clue. I'm not sure who did this, and I'm not even sure what the right response would be should any surviving conspirators be found. I don't want to add to the noise.

But today I took pictures. I didn't come up with anything too interesting, but I can say this: I've worked in DC for 10 years and lived here for six, and I have never felt anything like the way the city "felt" today. So quiet. So tense. Not fearful as much as numb. Stunned. Even if the photos don't bring that across to you, I wanted something to help me remember this day, this feeling.

military police stationed at Washington Circle

As I walked from the Metro, I came across this sight: Military police and their Humvees positioned around Washington Circle. I felt nervous about taking their pictures. One of the policemen waved to me as I walked by. It was so strange.

flag at half mast outside police station

Not an uncommon sight today, of course: an American flag at half-mast, here outside the Metropolitan Police special operations station.

flag outside my office building

I left my building around noon for a little lunchtime walk and picture-taking excursion. When I came back about 35 minutes later, this flag was hanging in the entranceway. I'm not usually one for rah-rah Ahmurrican patriotism, but today I found the sight comforting.

near-empty streets

This is a photograph of the same intersection shown in my picture from yesterday, only this time I took it during rush hour -- around 5:00. Believe me when I tell you that K Street almost never looks like this during a weekday rush hour. It was so quiet out. So many people must have stayed home. If you look closely, you can see more Humvees in the left-hand side of the picture. You don't generally see those on K Street during an average weeknight, either.

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