8/16 -- The Devil's Advocate and Creamed Corn.
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I took this one back when I first got the camera. It's nothing special, but I thought it looked neat.

Interesting project for a lazy Sunday afternoon: Watch "The Godfather" and "The Devil's Advocate" back to back. Consider that the Al Pacino listed in both films is, in fact, the same actor. Ponder his restrained, subtle, yet commanding performance in "Godfather." Then picture him in "Devil's Advocate" as he roars and brays and cackles and picks big chunks of the scenery out of his teeth.

Did Pacino just go absolutely nuts or something?

Which is not to take anything away from "Devil's Advocate." It's a very bad movie, but it's fabulous trash. Wonderful, soapy, compulsively watchable trash. More fun than "Melrose Place" after that show stopped trying to be a serious look at the lives of twentysomethings and started having characters blow stuff up and come back from the dead. Everybody's got dreadful Southern accents and Keanu's in particular waxes and wanes like the moon. It's as if he said to himself "Dude, even I can tell this movie totally sucks. Like, I'm not even gonna try to be good in this one."

I first saw this movie on TNT a couple of months ago. And even though (or maybe because) the silly, overwrought plot and the hammy performances had me howling, I knew I'd found a new Guilty Pleasure.

Just so people know I'm not completely dumbening down, I still like "The Godfather" too. And that's a good thing, because several cable stations in our area have apparently signed a pact that they're going to show "Godfather" several times a day all summer long.

Backbreaking project for a Wednesday that you've taken off from work just for this purpose: Empty out your entire kitchen in anticipation of a visit from the exterminators tomorrow. I volunteered to do this remembering that when I'd done it in my little studio apartment in DC, it hadn't really been too onerous. Of course, that was a tiny kitchen and there was only my stuff to empty. And I wasn't much of a kitchen stuff person. Somehow, I forgot that part.

Even though we never seem to have clean dishes for more than a day or two at a crack and we're forever bitching that we've got nothing to eat for dinner, I filled up two laundry baskets, five large boxes and several grocery bags with the detritus in our kitchen. We have Too Much Crap. We've got enough mugs to supply a good-sized office. And thanks to our wedding, we've got lots of fancy glassware that needed to be wrapped in bags and packed up with those big puffy airy things from Amazon.

And cans? We've got cans. I swear that one of those charities that runs canned-food drives at Thanksgiving must be stashing their excess stuff in our cabinets. It's the only explanation that makes sense. Bill just cleaned the cabinets out a few months ago and threw out a lot of canned stuff that we'd both brought here from our bachelor days. (He seemed to think that once a can's sides are bulging out, it's Dumpster Time. Who knew?)

And yet, the cans kept coming today. They had me almost weepy with frustration as I clattered around the counter on my knees trying to empty out the far recesses of the top shelves. Creamed corn. Another can of creamed corn. I fucking hate creamed corn. Who the hell bought all this creamed corn? And vegetable broth? I don't use it and Bill detests it. Where'd it come from? Wood ear mushrooms. Condensed milk. Arrrgh.

Putting all the stuff back is going to be even less fun, of course. But I haven't told my sore back about that part just yet. I'm afraid it'll go on strike.

Nagtime: Please do visit the new Insomniaville forum. I'm still doing most of the babbling over there. In fact, I think I'm going to ask the more inventive cooks out there what kind of a dish one can make using creamed corn, wood ear mushrooms, condensed milk, and vegetable broth. Other than trying to corner the market on fake vomit for the next Farrelly Brothers production, I'm not coming up with many ideas.

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(Okay, so I'm not giving up just yet. Clix, please?)

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