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Nicole's Half-Assed Archives Page.

Instead of wasting space with a link to every last entry, which nobody ever reads except me anyhow unless they get here via random Google searches on words like "farting videos," here are some links to key entries about my life.

(This way, I can lay claim to those "One year ago" bragging rights should this journal last so long -- I've been keeping it since mid-August, 1999.)

August 14, 1999: My first "real" entry. As opposed to the heinously ugly earlier "Week X" entries down below.

October 2, 1999: My wedding day.

October 5, 1999: All about our wedding ceremony.

October 15, 1999 -- October 27, 2000: My accounts of our honeymoon in Ireland (though you have to slog through the tacked-on daily entries to read this).

September 26, 1999: My ghost stories.

September 9, 1999: My girl crush on Harriet the Spy.

November 9, 1999: I take on Mahir. (Remember him?)

December 16, 1999: Why I'm keeping my "maiden" name.

September 28, 1999, November 13, 1999, December 23, 1999, December 29, 1999: Just me shooting off my mouth about random shit.

Only recommended for the very bored at work: my heinously ugly first attempt at an online journal. If you have the patience to read giant blocks of text with piss-poor layout, knock yourself out.

Week 1 .

Week 2.

Week 3.



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