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Rascal is a sweet, lovey guy who moved in with my wife about 18 months ago now. It is quite common to wake up in the middle of the night with him lying between Nicole and myself, and if I happen to put my hand on him, he'll give a nice, calming purr that drops me right back to sleep.
Here he is on the coveted recliner, streatching away.

I've never seen a creature who could sleep as soundly as Rascal. When he is like this, we sometimes lift his paw up and down two or three times before we can determine that he is actually alive. On other occasions, however, all you have to do is pet him between his ears and he'll purr louder than a '73 Nova.

More sleepy photographic proof.
However, when he gets fired up, he'll play with the best of them. Here, Mindy and Rascal play on opposite sides of last year's Christmas tree.
When Nicole has food, he is also quite awake, and doesn't even mind standing right by his sister to try and get some.
Actually, if it were up to the photos, you'd probably think Rascal and Cleo never spat at all.
He'd probably be ashamed if you knew he actually has a crush on Cleo.
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