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Mindy, my first cat (for that matter, my first real introduction to cats) continues his kitten-like antics around the house. He loves to play with his brother and sister, but can't understand why they occasionally bop him one, especially if he was just sleeping, minding his own business. Mindy is in my face every morning, as soon as the alarm goes off, to greet me to the new day with a hefty purr and a lick on the face. Actually, quite a number of licks on the face.
Mindy may have more obvious facial expressions than any animal I have ever seen. I have no idea when I took this picture, but I'm willing to bet Nicole was in the kitchen, and Mindy was watching her every move, just to see if she was wandering close to the Mindy-Snack cupboard.

Over the past couple months, Mindy has ballooned up to quite a load of cat. His brother Rascal has actually trimmed down a little, making me wonder if Mindy isn't secretly eating parts of him at night once the lights go down.

Although he is over 5 years old now, Mindy is still quite the kitten.
Except, perhaps, when he has the cat nip pillow. Mindy is a very angry drunk, and both Nicole and I have bled quite a bit trying to remove the nip from him.
When Nicole bought her Mac, Mindy gave it the lick of approval. Personally, I'm hoping he'll become a Linux kitty when I get a new box in a few weeks.
The recliner is prime sleeping space in the apartment. Here you can see Mindy aced out Rascal.
He is willing to share, however, but with certain restrictions.
Except when it comes to Christmas presents. Those are all his.
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