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Days of Our Lives - Cat Tales - Part 4: Mrayawwwnnnn...time to go to sleep
[Cleo] I told you this wouldn't end well. [Mindy] I don't know why Cleo gets so mean. All I want to do is play, and she starts swatting at me.
My final feeding of the day is coming up. As if Dad hasn't tortured me enough, I still have to stand, scream and beg to get the food on time. This feeding is particularly annoying, as he spends time doing something with a needle, and I don't really understand what the hold up is.
The "Rascal Dinner Show," as I have named his near hysterics before feeding, is quite amusing to watch, but it isn't without its reasons. Poor Rascal was feeling sick a few months ago, and a vet came to our home and told us that he has diabetes. Father and Mother started feeding Rascal wet food to help him gain weight, and started giving him insulin shots every evening to make him feel better. And, for what I can tell, it does make him feel better. He has been gaining weight and, unlike when he was feeling down, insists on giving me a sassing when we walk too close to each other. Rascal is a jerk, but he's one of my two jerks, and I'm glad he is feeling better.
Daddy gives Rascal so much wet food, and me none at all. I just don't get it. The last feeding of the day is very strange, however, because Daddy does something to Rascal. I can't tell exactly what he is doing; it appears to be sticking him in the back with something. Every night I watch this really closely, and I'm afraid Daddy is accidentally going to hurt Rascal. Rascal doesn't seem to mind. I probably wouldn't mind, either, if Daddy gave me wet food.
I'm not sure why Dad sticks me every night after he feeds me. It is annoying, but not enough to make me stop eating my food.
After a long day, I'm ready to curl up and go to sleep. Usually Mother or Father, if not both of them, will fall asleep on one of my couches before the evening is out. It is very annoying, but I suppose I really don't mind too much. Before they go to bed, they'll always give me a pat on the head. Sometimes, they will even give me a kiss; I'm not so sure I like that or not. But I'm not complaining too much.
Phew. What a long day. I like to spend my evenings curling up with Daddy and letting him pet and pet me.
I'll probably try all of my five or six sleeping places before I find a location to drop down for the day. On a good day, either Mom or Dad will leave a dresser drawer open, and I can snuggle up against their clothes. They will eventually come in and give me a scratch between the ears. It is a great way to end the day.
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