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Days of Our Lives - Cat Tales - Part 3: Mrafternoon
Afternoons are great. I'm all rested from napping all day, Mom and Dad are home, and the best thing, the very, very best thing, is that I get fed again. If someone starts walking towards the kitchen, I always make a point of getting there before them, no matter what. Sure, they might trip over me if I happen to run under their feet, but one can't take too many chances - what if they happened to forget to feed me? I couldn't let that happen.
Afternoons are nice. Father and Mother pet us, rub our necks, and make us all happy. Although, I have to admit, it does all get out of hand sometimes.
The thing is, I have four legs and four paws. I could spend all of my life on the ground (or, on furniture touching the ground), and be perfectly happy. But no, Mom and Dad have to carry me. The lift me up, carry me around, chuckle at me purring (I don't want to purr, I just can't help myself), and rub my head. It isn't the worst thing in the world, but can't they just do all the nice things while leaving me on the ground?
Yes, yes, yes, afternoon. It is playtime. Sometimes Mommy and Daddy are just so goofy - we have all kinds of fun. My favorite game is pouch. I don't know what pouch is, I don't know where it came from, but Daddy throws it, and I run after it, bring it back to him, and he does it again! It is the perfect game. Sometimes pouch needs to be taught a lesson; I bite it, kick it, and toss it around a little. But I can always take pouch to Daddy, and he will always throw it…although sometimes it does seem like he throws it and runs away real fast as if to avoid having to do it again. But no, I'm sure Daddy would never run away from a game of pouch.
Then there is dinnertime. Mom and Dad always have something good they won't share. We have a good plan, tho; Mindy attacks Dad, and I attack Mom, and usually one of us will break free some good food. We need to do that; how else can we get them to share.
Watching those two beg for food…ugh. I just don't understand how they could think they are so hungry. Besides, most of the time, Father and Mother never have anything seemingly very appetizing. Once mealtime is done, we'll all sit down together and watch television, or I'll wonder around to their feet while they are sitting at their computers. It is a good time; the only afternoon that is annoying is Friday. There is something called a "Cartoon Cartoon" song on that Cartoon Network channel. Every Friday, at 7 p.m. and 9 p.m., one of the three of us has to dance with Father to the song. It is SO mind numbing. I try hard - I really, really try hard - to keep away from Father on Friday nights, but sometimes the temptation to get petted behind the ears makes me forget the potential danger, and I get swiped off the floor for the dance. But, sometimes Mindy and Rascal get picked up instead. That, I must admit, looks very, very funny.
Something is very wrong with pouch sometimes. Daddy always says something about, "just put it down," and, "pouch covered the speaker wire and it is trapped in my mouth," but I have no idea what he is talking about. I don't know why pouch does this to me; I thought we were friends. I finally have to put it down, give it a mean look, and walk away. Daddy always makes it better, however; he pats me on the head and fixes that stupid pouch. It makes me happy. It also makes me tired. Whew, time to take a nap.
[Cleo] All the rules about sleeping together go out the window in the afternoon. This is MY couch, although I guess I can share…as long as Mindy stays far, far away from me. If he doesn't, it is going to be a long evening…
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