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Days of Our Lives - Cat Tales - Part 2: Mrowning
When Father takes his shower, Mother sleeps on the couch, getting a few extra minutes of snooze time. I try to keep her awake enough to pet me, but mostly I just have to snuggle against her on the couch. Really, she doesn't give me much room.
I don't understand why Daddy lets all that water pour down on him. I mean, water is bad. He could get hurt in there? What if something happened to him and he wouldn't be able to feed me? Sometimes I get brave enough to poke my head around the curtain to see what he is doing, but mostly I just sit on the sink and wait for him to come out. I hope he knows what he is doing.
So, I have to beg and beg to get my food, and after all that, Dad only gives me half the can. The other half sits, teasing and tempting me, up on the kitchen counter. And even though I am hungry…and I mean STARVING hungry, I have to sit on the kitchen floor and wait for him to give me the rest of my food. And, of course, God forbid I actually jump up on the counter and help myself. Yell, yell, yell is all they will do at me, for no good reason whatsoever.
Birdies. There are birdies in the morning - out both the windows! I never know, should I play with Daddy, or should I watch the birdies. Daddy sometimes gives me a snack, and he sometimes pets me and plays with me. But birdies are birdies, and I have to watch the birdies. If I don't, then who will?
Father, obviously tired from his shower, sits on the armchair for a few minutes before continuing his day. This can be great; he can rub my neck better than anyone. Of course, it can be really horrible; he just doesn't know when to quit pawing me. Then I have to bite him, just to put him in his place a little. The worst thing, and I mean the very, very worst thing, is when he picks me up and starts flipping me around like I was a pancake or something.
Finally, Dad feeds me the second half of the can of food. You know, it isn't really that bad. The look on Mindy's face when I get wet food and he doesn't is priceless.
Why don't I get wet food? I don't understand.
Whew. What a tiring morning this has been. All that eating, drinking and being petted has really taken it out of me. It is time for me to curl up on my couch and take a nice nap.
I might not get wet food, but at least Daddy gives me a MindySnack. I wish he wasn't so slow in giving it to me; sometimes I need to reach up and help him hurry a little.
Wow. All that eating has made me quite sleepy. Time to take a snooze.
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