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Days of Our Lives - Cat Tales - Part 1: Waking Up
Oooh, the alarm! It's time for them to get up! Finally! I better go up on the bed and make sure Daddy knows it is time to get up. Finally! I've been up for two hours, just walking around, talking to myself, waiting for them to get up. I tried to get Daddy up a little while ago, but he just buried his head under the blanket. I don't know why. I licked his hair and pawed his face, but nothing. I don't get it. Why didn't he want to get up and play? That's okay, now I'll jump up on him and lick the fur on his face. Daddy didn't always have fur on his face, but I'm glad he does now. It is fun to lick.
About time that stupid alarm goes off. I am SO hungry. I'll walk up and stand between their heads and purr; that will wake them up. No, no, don't pet me, feed me. Get out of bed and FEED ME!!!
Oh NO…Rascal is in the way. How am I going to get to wake up Daddy if Rascal is in the way. I know he'll hit me if I get to close…there we go, I'll just walk on Mommy to get to Daddy. She doesn't mind…there we go…time to lick Daddy until he gets up. Yay, it's time to get up and play!
I'll say this for my brothers. They aren't always very bright, and I certainly don't like them very much. But, their begging routine does get my parents out of bed. Only on rare occasions to I need to take matters into my own paws and go in there myself and wake everyone up. I can watch Father trudge out into the kitchen, put out food for us, get us water, then feed Rascal his special food, all from the security and quiet of under the kitchen table. It is funny, really, watching Rascal whine and complain until he gets fed. I almost think Father takes his good old, slow time on purpose when he is feeding Rascal, just to get a rise out of the orange furball. And, a rise he gets. Rascal screams himself silly.
What is TAKING YOU SO LONG. Feed Mindy. Feed Cleo. Get us water. Stand around and scratch your butt. Oh, then, saints be praised, you finally feed me. Go ahead, laugh at me yelling at you. It is real funny, I am sure. I'm STARVING here. Look at me, I'm all skin and bones. Geesh.
I don't understand. Why does Rascal get wet food? I want wet food, but Rascal doesn't share. I don't get it. Why does HE get wet food? Daddy, I was here first. If anyone should get wet food, it should be me. But every morning, it is Rascal who gets it.
Poor Mindy. Every morning he gives Father this sad look because he wants wet food, and every morning Father ignores him. Of course, Mindy doesn't even like wet food, but he always seems to forget that. Oh well, Mother has wandered her sleepy self from the bed to the couch. It is time for me to go bug her for a pat and rubbie.
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