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Over the past year, Cleo has become much more comfortable in the household. She no longer spends her days in a corner under the end table, but wanders around the apartment freely with Rascal and Mindy. That isn't to say she necessarily likes sharing the apartment with the other two...
But if she is caught in a sleepy mood, Mindy just might snuggle up beside her.

And although she'll hiss, growl and spit at the sight of Rascal on certain bad occasions, there is little doubt that she has a secret crush on him, and likes to get a closer look whenever she thinks he doesn't notice.

I'm so happy I got a nice picture of all the colors in her fur. I can spend hours just petting and looking at her; she is stunningly beautiful.
Actually, I'm happy I got two nice pictures.
And don't forget her brown, puffy belly, as you can see here on our fur-covered floor.
You could make the argument that Cleo is fueling her exceptional intelligence by watching the Discovery Channel, but the reality of the situation is that she was just fascinated by the Bird documentary.
In the hands of her Mom, Cleo sadly looks for freedom.
Yep. Sleeping on the couch is much more relaxing.
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