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One of the daily joys of our life are the cats that let us live in their apartment. Here we can expose them in some of their antics around the home.
"You're going to do what???"

Mindy was the first cat in the household. He was a surprise package at my mailbox one afternoon, and scurried his way up the stairs right into my apartment. Me, not very familiar with pets, fed him some plain rice and bought him a small litterbox...the following morning.

He has me trained a tad bit better now.

We adopted Cleo when her parents moved overseas and decided against putting her in a six month quarantine. Although it took a few weeks, Cleo took to her new home very well. Although, she may enjoy life a little more if her brothers took a vacation now and again.
Rascal moved in, along with my now wife, not long after Cleo. It took Rascal the better part of two days to make the apartment his home, and accepts me as someone else to pet and play with him.
Mindy took to his new brother and sister pretty well.
Although he had to learn to share a few things.
Together, they aren't beyond getting into places they really don't belong.
Cleo tends to keep watch from a distance.
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