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From a new camera comes a new chance to torture the cats. Sasha is new to this game, but she already knows something is up.

Mindy has had his picture taken more than most animals in the world combined. Today this isn't his best side; can you find the spot where Sasha clawed him during one of their "play" sessions?

"Real funny," says the look on Rascal's face.
Eventually we all pose for a shot (except for Sasha, who rarely sits still at all).
Sasha sleeps in her own spot in the warm winter sunlight.
Rascal has the same idea while reminding us it is time to recycle.
Mindy makes sure the food is okay.
All this picture taking wears Rascal out.
Sasha prepares to enter mode 3 (mode 1 is sleep, mode 2 is eat, mode 3 is race around like a goober).
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